Puppy training

Life Skills – Independence

As exciting as having a new puppy is, it is important to provide him with enough opportunity and time to sleep.

There is also no benefit in having a young puppy with you at all times during the day, with the contrast of leaving him alone for 7 hours or so over night – some puppies would find this hard to adapt to and may become more unsettled and distressed at night.

Learning to settle and be by themselves is a really valuable life skill. Introduced very gradually at a young age and ensuring your puppy is happy with this, can help eliminate separation related problems later on in his life.

Make sure to include this in your puppy’s socialisation plan!

With so much going on, Bramley is keen to say hello to everyone he meets and is alert to every noise and novel thing he sees. He doesn’t want to miss a thing! We have caught him a few times, falling asleep whilst standing up!

By putting him in his bed throughout the day, he is getting chance to relax and catch up on much needed Zzzzs. Vital for his development and well-being. He is then fresh and lively to come out to play again!

This also provides small bursts of time during the day, where he is alone and learns to settle. The more often he does this and gets used to the idea of settling by himself, the more it will help at night time and building up to longer periods of time, as he gets older.

Bramley is settling well in his crate. He goes in there by himself during the day, exploring toys or any food treats that have been hidden in there for him. He has also been fed a few meals in there – so that the crate has a positive association, rather than just being somewhere he is shut inside and left alone – which could create problems.

He settles within minutes of being left – sometimes a few whimpers, but today is he already getting used to the idea, as he has some time to himself whilst we potter around the house and need to leave him safely.

Time in the crate should never be used as punishment. Done correctly, crate training provides a safe and secure area for your dog to find comfort and settle. It can help with building independence and also means there is the ease of taking the crate away with you – so your dog can learn to settle at friend’s and family’s, in a similar way.

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