121 puppy training packages are designed to meet your individual needs and priorities for getting started with training and covering all aspects of puppy socialisation and care. The training takes place from the comfort of your own home, having the benefit of me being able to see your puppy interact in his usual environment with family or other pets present. This is ideal if you are experiencing particular challenges at home (nipping, chasing the cat, excitable behaviour with guests or toilet training issues). Often these challenges are hard to advise from an indoor training hall mid-way through a group class.


The 121 training sessions allow us plenty of time to discuss everything from how to get your puppy sleeping through the night, diet, play, socialisation and of course – training responses and behaviours that are relevant and important to YOU! During each session, we will spend some time talking and monitoring your puppy’s progress,  demonstrations of training techniques and then plenty of chance for you to practice yourself – having 100% guidance and personalised lesson plans to help you achieve the best results.


Whilst many people think it is important to attend group training classes, they can also have their limitations. Training should be fun and relaxed for both you and your puppy. Some puppies may find a group class either too overwhelming and scary, or too exciting and therefore find it more difficult to focus on learning. Consider how you  prefer to learn too – even for us, attending a group class can seem daunting. Often the logistics of travelling to a suitable group class may prove too difficult and a home training class may be more suitable. In addition to 121 sessions that teach you how to train your puppy, Pet Perfection can also provide additional training for your puppy whilst you are out at work, or if you need additional support as well as the training you are doing with your puppy yourself (please ask for more information as this is separate to the training packages listed overleaf).  


The need for ‘socialisation’ is commonly misinterpreted that all puppies must be put within a group of other puppies to learn how to play and interact. Whilst it is true that socialisation is important – the way in which we provide socialisation opportunities for our puppies is CRUCIAL. If we just leave them to it, there is the potential for them to practice undesirable social skills – learning to play rough, learning that they can and should expect to play with every dog they see – or, that being around others is scary and too much to cope with, reinforcing avoidance or conflict behaviours. Pet Perfection’s classes are designed to provide safe and effective socialisation opportunities, but the same quality of advice and support for your puppy’s social learning can also be provided as part of a home training course – instead of using puppies in a class, we make the most of real life opportunities that we encounter whilst working outside in your local ‘walking locations’.  


The home training content is the same as the 6-week puppy class courses – teaching is based on science-backed learning theory – incorporating the use of rewards and understanding canine body language and effective communication. Techniques taught are simple to master and fun for both you and your dog!


You will learn about the skills needed to help your puppy/dog fit into your family life in a manner which ensures that his needs are met and which helps to build a strong and fulfilling relationship between your dog and your family. Amongst other general obedience skills – teaching sit, down, stay and leave etc. Many exercises from the Kennel Club’s Good Citizen Scheme are taught, which enables you to go on for future certification if you wish. The sessions will also cover; walking nicely on a lead, being able to settle and amuse themselves appropriately, responding to a recall, having good manners around people and being comfortable being touched and groomed.


Training sessions are based on the ‘Life Skills for Puppies/Dogs’ concept, developed by the University of Lincoln.  


The Life Skills training concepts have been developed with an emphasis on preventing common behaviour problems and helping your dog to take responsibility for being well behaved. Ideally these skills are incorporated into daily life so time spent training your dog is reduced. This will of course take consistency and commitment from you as an owner, but once the habits of interacting are established it will become a natural way of living with your dog. There are ten Life Skills listed which cover all the aspects of a dog’s life.


The home training sessions will help you to understand the concepts, learn the skills and work out how to integrate them into your lifestyle. The Life Skills have been phrased from the perspective of the dog to emphasise at all times that this is what the puppy is learning to put into practice, not what we are training him to do.

  1. I Have Confidence
  2. I Like Surprises
  3. I Like to be Touched
  4. I Have Self Control and Can Tolerate Frustration
  5. I Can Be Calm
  6. I Know The Rules
  7. I Can Listen
  8. I Have Good Manners
  9. I Can Make the Right Choice
  10. I am Allowed to Be a Dog

All packages also include: a goodie bag, Pet Perfection training guide & regular handouts following each session and a completion certificate. You will also be given a clicker, with the option of incorporating this in to your training plan. There is a Facebook group for class/home package attendees and on-going support available at all times throughout.


To discuss your specific needs, or for more information on availability of home packages please speak to Heli.
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