Behaviour Consultations

I can offer help with a range of problems, for both dogs and cats – if you are unsure if you should arrange a behaviour or training consultation then please contact me. If it is appropriate, I will happily arrange an initial ‘training consultation’, to agree a plan that is best for your situation.

All areas of problem behaviour for dogs and cats are catered for: – for example:

  • destructive behaviour
  • separation related behaviour problems
  • excessive barking
  • nervousness
  • phobias/fears
  • excessive licking/grooming
  • aggression
  • house soiling

Behaviour consultations are usually carried out at your home – as it is important that I can observe your pet in their own environment, where they are most relaxed. For problems that occur out on walks, we can arrange to split the initial consultation between home and outside, or often a repeat visit may be beneficial. It is often useful to incorporate the whole family into the consultation and training, as this allows me to gather as much information as possible and helps us to achieve more consistent results within the home.

Before I can carry out a behaviour assessment with your dog or cat, I require a veterinary referral. All qualified behaviourists should work on veterinary referral for behaviour problems. This is to ensure your pet is fit and healthy, with no underlying medical cause which could be contributing to the change or deterioration in their behaviour. You may need to make an appointment to see your veterinary surgeon, or if your pet has been seen recently, a phone call to get their guidance and consent for referral may be satisfactory. As a member of CAPBT, I will work proactively with your pet’s veterinary surgery.

Download a copy of the referral form to give to your vet, or for veterinary practices.

Once I have received veterinary consent, we can arrange a consultation. If you have a question, please contact me first.

A typical behaviour consultation will last approximately 2-2 ½ hours. This will be followed by a detailed report within a few days, highlighting what has been discussed and a proposed plan. A report will also be sent to your referring Veterinary Surgeon. Throughout the treatment process, I will work closely with yourselves and your vet, ensuring there is necessary support and the right level of care for your pet. I will provide full telephone/email support following the initial consultation. In some cases, repeat visits may be required – according to the nature of the problem, and progress made.

Bespoke packages can be designed to suit your requirements and to include discounted follow-up visits.

As a fully insured member of CAPBT, I am required to follow their Code of Conduct and keep up-to-date with continued training. I have a very supportive network and will always advise whatever is in the best interest of your pet. If I am not local or able to see you, then there is always another CAPBT colleague nearby. Please visit their website HERE to find a list of qualified members.

For more information on the methods used during assessment, please click here

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