Dog and Puppy Training Classes in Kent & Sussex

Pet Perfection’s group training classes are suitable for puppies and adult dogs.

The style and content of both group classes and 1-2-1 training is designed to equip owners with the necessary skills to go on and teach almost anything!

Each group training course aims to teach the best ways for you to communicate and bond with your dog. Rather than just teaching training commands, you are helped to develop behavioural understanding and learning theory – allowing you to develop your dog’s life skills, even after class courses have finished.

Pet Perfection’s beginner and puppy classes (“Paws & Go”) incorporate Lincoln University’s ‘Life Skills For Puppies’ concept. For more information on this, please click the link below for Paws & Go classes.

If you have a rescue or an older dog who you’d like to bring along, then please contact me so we can discuss if classes would be suitable.

Whilst many people think it is important to attend group training classes, they can also have their limitations. Training should be fun and relaxed for both you and your puppy or dog. Some puppies and dogs may find a group class either too overwhelming and scary, or too exciting and therefore find it more difficult to focus on learning. Consider how you  prefer to learn too – even for us, attending a group class can seem daunting. Often the logistics of travelling to a suitable group class may prove too difficult and a home training class may be more suitable. Pet Perfection offers both group training and personalised 121 training packages. 

The need for ‘socialisation’ is commonly misinterpreted that all puppies must be put within a group of other puppies to learn how to play and interact. Whilst it is true that socialisation is important – the way in which we provide socialisation opportunities for our puppies is CRUCIAL. If we just leave them to it, there is the potential for them to practice undesirable social skills – learning to play rough, learning that they can and should expect to play with every dog they see – or, that being around others is scary and too much to cope with, reinforcing avoidance or conflict behaviours. Pet Perfection’s classes are designed to provide safe and effective socialisation opportunities, but the same quality of advice and support for your puppy’s social learning can also be provided as part of a home training course – instead of using puppies in a class, we make the most of real life opportunities that we encounter whilst working outside in your local ‘walking locations’.  

Please note – some dogs may require a 1-2-1 training consultation before coming into a class environment, particularly so if they are nervous or reactive to dogs or people. A fearful or reactive dog can find class environments stressful which prevents learning and disrupts others in the class. For reactive dogs, I offer smaller workshops which focus on reducing reactivity and improving confidence.

Pet Perfection runs various levels of classes, suitable for dogs of all age and ability. To find out more, click the links below.

Class sizes are kept to a maximum of 4-6 dogs, to ensure that everyone receives a good level of help and support – whilst ensuring the environment is not too overwhelming for any of the dogs.

Classes are held in Challock, located just outside of Canterbury – between Faversham and Ashford. 

All beginner classes include a goodie bag, KONG toy, clicker, a training folder with weekly hand-outs, a certificate and discount off 1-2-1’s. Progression classes include weekly hand outs, a certificate and discounted home visits. Our hand outs include full information on general advice, problem behaviour and step by step guides to each exercise. 

A complete Pet Perfection folder can be purchased at any time for £10.

Copies of the book, ‘Life Skills For Puppies’ by Helen Zulch, are available for purchase during class.

Each week there is the chance to discuss or ask questions. In addition to this, full telephone and email support is provided throughout the 6 week courses. All Pet Perfection clients also gain access to a private Facebook group (“Pet Perfection Behaviour & Training Community”).

training-cutout Group Pet Training Classes

I am passionate about training dogs, motivating each individual and helping owners and their dogs to reach their full potential and to avoid future problems. Everyone attending a course will get personalised help and advice, with full support available in between each class.

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